SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE is the key to success in the Tech World!

Why do I need to service my computer, it works fine?

Monthly Plans for All Computer Devices

This is on-site plan that is a yearly contract to service, maintain, instruct the user(s) questions and concerns, and to cover all backup and cloud storage needs if applicable. 12 months billed at a reduce rate of $60.00 per hour X 12.

$720.00 Annual Service Plan 

Monthly Remote Maintenance

This is a purely remote plan that is charged at a rate of $65.00 per hour and will address all system maintenance and application issues the user is having. A teleconference can happen live, while the computer(s) are being serviced if needed.

$65.00 Per Hour - Non Incremental 
(Minimum 1 hr on-line billable hour)

Backing Up of Phone and Computer Data

This is an on-site service that can be added to any service being performed. The charges are at the original $75.00  per hour rate. Any software or subscription plans needed are at the expense of the machine owners.

$75.00 Per Hour (All software or plans selected by the device owner are additional)

Planning ahead make great sense. Data recovery is expensive and extremely time consuming.

Please book in advance.

We specialize in residential repairs and installations of both hardware and software.  Phone consults are free. 



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