TRAINING, that is our specialty.

These are just a few ideas....

Internet Basics

Working with all age groups and ability levels is our specialty. This is where the true learning occurs from the newbies to the tech literate crowd.

Maintenance and Cloud Backup and Storage

This by far is a fundamental part of learning how to keep your data safe and secure. Losing data is expensive and sometimes very difficult to rebuild. Time is critical.

Syncing the Tech

With all of the new gadget and gizmos, sometimes they just don't get along or it just seems to difficult. This is where PCDOC makes the connection. 

Industry Certifications

All service industries today involving computer apps want experience and credentials to support the resume. This is very critical in landing a job. Let us help make this happen.

System Maintenance

This should be the #1 on everyone's agenda, but commonly is disregarded until it is to late. System maintenance is vital to longevity of all computers and devices.

Training is essential when trying to learn how to integrate Technology seamlessly. We have the years of training and knowledge to help with your needs.

Please book in advance.

We specialize in residential repairs and installations of both hardware and software.  Phone consults are free. 



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