Service and Consultation Charges

Remember consultation estimates for repairs and service are free...

$ 75

Hourly Rate for Service and Repairs

All service calls are based on a flat rate per hour. We never over charge for road time and distance like others. Of course we have a geographic area that we cover and any out of county travel incurs a travel time charge. But, this rarely occurs.

$ 65

Contracted Hourly Rate for Service and Repairs

This is a signed pre-paid hourly rate that can be used at anytime toward any service or repair, including instruction and training. Hours are billed in 10 hour contracts. This saves the business owner or residential client quite a bit of money as compared to the hourly rate. 

$ 65

Instructional Rate

All small and large group instruction is a flat rate of $65 per hour. A minimum of 3 hours is required. Sometimes this makes sense to choose trainers with a company like ours, since we can develop and work right alongside the business to establish a curriculum and goal set.

All Civil Service present and retired always get 10% off any hourly service fees. We are here to help.

Please book in advance.

We specialize in residential repairs and installations of both hardware and software.  Phone consults are free. 



Phone:  305 926-2937